How Eumathes helps you succeed


Thanks to the different types of cards offered, you can create unique and effective revision sheets, useful for all subjects.


Your sheets are presented in a refined format suitable for mobile use. Your lessons are available offline, and summarized for learning convenience.


Unique and customized tests are generated from your sheets : you can thus train and work on your weak points.


Your tests results allow you to follow your progress over time. The key to success is consistency!


The import and export system allows you to share your sheets with your friends: you can work and revise together.


Eumathes has been developed with respect for your data in mind, these are managed in total transparency and security.

Sheets that adapt to all areas of learning

Summarize your lessons using Cards: these are the basic elements of all Eumathes sheets.
A card contains notions concerning an element to learn: historical event, definition, list of items… There are many types, which allows you to make complete and specialized sheets.

More about cards

Collaboration in creation and revision

Using the export system, you can share your sheets with your friends, who can then import them into Eumathes. You can work and revise with your group: we always progress better together! It is also possible to generate PDF versions of your sheets, in a format suitable for publication and printing.

More about sharing sheets

Security and privacy

Eumathes was created with absolute respect for your personal data in mind. Indeed, everything about you stays in your device, and that will never change. There are no ads or ad trackers, backups are protected from outside changes, and the app only performs anonymous satistical analysis if you give your consent.

Personal data consent
Free forever

Try the main features of Eumathes.

  • Sheet creation and revision
  • Tests and progression tracking
  • Revision reminders
  • 5 sheets maximum
  • 32 cards maximum per sheet

Eumathes, a new way to revise.

Need help?

The support resources of the Eumathes Blog can help you get started with Eumathes. Consult it to find a solution to your problem!

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