Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eumathes, what is it for?

Eumathes is a mobile app for creating revision sheets: learn faster, easier, and remember longer! You can create sheets, learn them, evaluate yourself as well as monitor your progress. More info

How much does Eumathes cost?

You can download for free the application to try out its main features. If it is useful and interesting to you, you can upgrade to Eumathes Plus for about $8. You will thus have access to all the features of the application, forever. More info

If I paid for Eumathes Plus on my phone, can I get Eumathes for macOS/Windows for free (and vice versa) ?

Due to the choice not to require any account creation in Eumathes for the sake of privacy, no, you cannot. This means that if you have Eumathes Plus on one device and want to transfer your sheets to another one, you will have to pay a second time. However, if all of your devices (from the same brand) are linked to the same Google, Apple or Microsoft account, your purchase will be synced according to these companies' rules.

Is Eumathes Plus a subscription?

No, Eumathes Plus is a one-time purchase. This means that you pay once to have access to all Eumathes features, forever. More info

Do I have to register to use Eumathes?

The application does not require any account creation. As all your data is stored on your smartphone, you do not need to authenticate yourself to save your sheets. If you choose to upgrade to Eumathes Plus, however, you will need an account as well as a payment method associated with your device’s app store service. More info

I found a bug, what should I do?

If a problem in the operation of the application hinders your use of it, you can report a bug. For that, there is the button “Bug, suggestion?" in the settings of the application which allows you to take a screenshot attached to a description of the problem. The whole, as well as anonmyes technical information of your device, will be sent by email to the address

How do the Windows and Mac versions of Eumathes Desktop work?

Eumathes Desktop contains all the features of the mobile version (except notifications for Windows). In addition, these versions have by default all the advantages of Eumathes Plus: the download price is similar to that of the in-app purchase of the mobile version (purchase valid for life). You can also transfer and share all your files between smartphone and computer.

Is my data safe?

All of your data is stored on your smartphone. Eumathes collects anonymous data for analysis and development purposes, only if you give your consent. In addition, with regard to the export of files you have the possibility of choosing between sending to a remote server, faster but less confidential, and exporting to a local file, completely confidential and personal. More info

How can I get a refund?

If you wish to get a refund on the purchase of Eumathes Plus, you must follow the indications relating to the platform on which you made the purchase: Google Play or App Store. For more information, you can contact Timothée Danneels at

Another question?

You can check the Blog to find support resources, or contact the developer Timothée Danneels at