What is Eumathes?

What is Eumathes?

General overview of the application, what it was created for, who it is for, what it is useful for and how it works.

Eumathes is a revision sheet application: you can create sheets, learn them and evaluate yourself. Mainly aimed at middle, high school and superior studies students, it can also be useful to anyone. The goal of the application is to make the process simpler and faster for an ever more efficient learning.

Orientation towards mobile use

Today, smartphones are omnipresent tools in our lives and Eumathes exploits their portability and speed of access in order to organize all your sheets in a single system. Thus, there is no need to bother with bristol cards or binders whose storage is often complicated: you can in this application classify your lessons by category and the most recent sheets will always appear at the top of the list.

Transparency on operation

In addition, the development of Eumathes has been carried out with a concern for digital responsibility: as a result, the application does not contain neither advertisements nor trackers of your personal data, and all of your sheets are stored locally, without the need to create an account.

Multiple fields possible

Your sheets are made up of a series of main ingredients: the cards. A card is a independent block of data organized in a unique way. Thus, each type of card adapts to the type of information it will receive, by encouraging you to synthesize the most relevant data. Consequently, each type of card will be learned differently and, during the evaluation, the knowledge to be restored will be specific to each type. For example, for the type of card "historical event", it is possible to enter a date, the name of the event, a place and a person involved. During the test, one of these four pieces of information must be returned. The large number of different types of cards can cover the majority of school subjects: modern languages, science, literature, art, and many others.