Revision reminders

Revision reminders

Overview of the revision reminders, how they work and how to create one.

Learning is based on regularity: if you want to retain long-term, you need to revise frequently. Eumathes offers you a system of revision reminders: you can define a date and a time at which you will receive a notification, concerning a specific sheet. By pressing this notification, you will be able to choose an action to perform in connection with this sheet.

Important: you may have to authorize Eumathes to send you notifications to ensure the correct functioning of the revision reminders. If necessary, you can authorize it in the Settings of your device.

Management of sheet notifications

There are several ways to program a sheer revision reminder (see the Help sections "Learn a revision sheet" and "Test yourself on a sheet"). The fastest is the following: Tap the name of your sheet on the home page, then Options, then Notifications. The sheet notifications management screen will then be displayed.

Create a revision reminder

You can choose a date and time when you want to receive a reminder. By default, it will be the next day at the same time. Press create to schedule the reminder.

Pending reminders

Here will be displayed all your scheduled revisions reminders for the sheet in question. To cancel a reminder, tap its name and then tap the delete icon.

Management of all notifications

Go to the application settings (Gear icon at the top right of the home page) then in the "Notifications" section to manage all pending reminders. To cancel a reminder, tap its name and then tap the delete icon. To cancel them all, press "Delete all"

Sheet quick viewer

When a notification is sent to you and you press it, Eumathes launches. The quick viewer screen for the sheet in question is then displayed. From it you can edit the sheet, learn it, test yourself, manage its notifications and see your test progress. The quick viewer of a record is also accessible via the "Quick viewer" button in the sheet Option menu.