Personal data consent

Personal data consent

This article presents the entire operation of the management of personal data in Eumathes. Certain features of the application require the user’s consent. This text is displayed when opening the application for the first time, and it is important to understand this document before using the application.


This is how your personal data is managed:

  1. No advertising or advertising tracking
  2. Local data storage (no account or Internet connection required) with an anti-corruption security system
  3. Collection of data on the use and bugs of the application (possibility of deactivating)
  4. Online sheet export service: anyone with the identification code can access the associated sheet, and the developer has the right to access, modify and delete them. If you want a more confidential way of exporting, choose the local sheet export service.

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Before starting to use the app, we need your consent on how to use your personal data. Here is how they are handled:

Zero advertising, zero advertising targeting

Eumathes is an application without any advertising, and therefore, without any advertising tracking of your personal data.

Data storage

All of the app’s sheets are stored on your device, so access to local sheets is required. No account and no internet connection are required to use the basic functionalities of the application. In addition, the backup sheet is equipped with an anti-corruption security system: if a modification outside the application is detected, the sheet will be deleted, along with all the data it contains!

Collection of anonymous data for analytical purposes

In order to always improve your user experience, a system for collecting information relating to the use of the application is set up. These data allow the developer to know the strengths and weaknesses of the application, and to guide decisions concerning its development. The data is collected with the Firebase Analytics and Firebase Crashlytics services. For the sake of total transparency, here is what is collected:

  1. Navigation in the application: Set of screen change actions, for example switching from the home screen to the sheet editing screen.
  2. Important events: One-off events that are important for the operation of the application: starting, pressing a button, adding an element (card, sheet, …), in-app purchase events, etc. The content of the sheets is not sent.
  3. Errors and bugs: When a bug is detected, a report is sent, containing the model and operating system identifiers of the device, and information on the version of the application.

You have the right to opt out of this data collection.

Exporting sheets online

The online sheet export system allows you to upload a sheet to a remote server (managed by the Firebase Firestore service) to download it later from another mobile device. After the upload, an identification code is generated. This code allows any user who has it to download the associated sheet. In addition, the system administrator (developer) reserves the exclusive rights to access, modify and delete sheets stored in the server. Therefore, this service has the advantage of being simple and fast, but it is very strongly not recommended to export sensitive data to it. If you do not wish to use it, you can still benefit from the local export service which does not maintain any communication with a remote server.

See the Personal data and privacy section in the Help for more information.

If you have any questions, or want to enforce your rights to your personal data, contact the developer at the following address: