Card types

Card types

Overview of the different types of cards that can be integrated into the sheets and how they work.

Here is the list of the types of cards that you can add to your sheets:

icon Historical event

A historic dated event, with the possibility to add a place and a person. During the test, one of the name, date, place, or person will be asked.

icon Translation

Two words with the same meaning, in two different languages. During the test, one of them will be asked.

icon Definition

A word and its definition. During the test, either the word or the definition will be asked.

icon Gap fill (text or list)

Either a list of statements, or a text. During the test, some of the elements of the list or some parts of the text will be replaced by gaps.

icon Mathematical equality

A simple math equality, useful when learning formulas or equations. During the test, one of the members of the equality will be asked.

icon Circumstances

A subject defined with different circumstances : cause, consequence, goal, etc. During the test, one of the circumstances will be asked.

icon Quiz

A multiple answers question. Some of the answers are true, while the other are false. During the test, the question will be asked.

icon Chronological equence

A sequence of sorted elements (e.g. chronologically), with the possibility to add dates. During the test, they will be randomly sorted and you will be asked to sort them.

icon Customized

Several different questions, with several possible answers. During the test, one of the questions will be asked.

icon Biography

The biography of a person, with a photo, a name, the birth and death date, and important elements about their life.

icon Captioned image

An image with different important points, each of which has a description. During the evaluation, the description of the points will be requested.

icon Quote

A quote, the name of its author, the date and the work from which it is taken. During the test, one of these will be requested.

icon Logical sequence

A series of elements each having a logical link, represented by an icon. During the test and for each element, the name or the logical link will be requested.

icon Mini mind map

A visual representation of important items (title and description) related to a specific topic. During the test, some titles or descriptions will be requested.

icon Comparison

A comparison table containing several columns, each containing a certain number of items. During the evaluation, some items will have to be associated with their column.

icon Title

A title with a specific numbering, allowing to structure the sheet. During the test, either the number or the text of the title will be requested.